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Inside The Artist’s Studio with Carrianne Hendrickson


Left: Me when I was 10 years old, holding my cat (photo credit – Betty Rooker); Right: Working in my studio a few years later

My name is Carrianne Hendrickson and I have been practicing ceramics for 22 years. My main focus in clay is figurative and narrative based imagery that gravitates toward the unusual.

Graveyard near my childhood home

Graveyard near my childhood home

I believe my childhood experiences have had a pretty significant impact on the imagery I covet. Growing up living next to an old graveyard, and early exposure to Bosch and Bruegel paintings, may have also guided me toward developing an admiration for some of my more unusual image combinations.

This needs a caption

Box of my collected objects

I grew up in a rural community near Seneca Lake. I moved to Buffalo at age 17 for college, and lived there on the west side most of my young adult life. It was quite a drastic change from where I grew up. I didn’t own a car for a handful years so I traveled mainly by foot, by bike, or by bus (both day and night). A lot of unusual experiences were had because of this direct connection to the city that might not have occurred had I been in the driver’s seat of a car whizzing by everything. Eventually I had my “fill” of such experiences and bought a car.

I moved to Rochester, NY four years ago and my life is quite different now again, for unexpectedly wonderful reasons.

Work in progress and a curious studio assistant

Work in progress (including two pieces in this exhibition) and a curious studio assistant

My work in ceramics is primarily hand-built. My clay choice is usually low fire, however recently I have been working with cone 6 clay bodies and glazes.

Work in progress

Work in progress on “Child with Rabbit Ears”

I don’t usually have a completely concrete vision of what I am making when I start, but instead prefer to begin figures when the concept is more of a vague form in my mind.

The Dream (left) and The Cloud (right), two non-functional teapots included in the Dream State exhibition

The Dream (left) and The Cloud (right), two non-functional teapots included in the Dream State exhibition

You can see more of my work on my website:

Twenty-two sculptures by Carrianne Hendrickson can be seen in Dream State, on display through February 16, 2018. The exhibition also features paintings by Matt Duquette (Buffalo, NY), photographs by Bill Finger (Seattle, WA), and paintings by Lin Price (Ithaca, NY). Work from the exhibition can be previewed and purchased on Artsy.