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Letters inspire me, whether hand drawn or computer generated. Graffiti, elegant Copperplate, brush, pencil… I am obsessed with letters.

In June, I attended the International Calligraphy Conference, held in North Carolina (the next one will be in Utah). Participants choose either a week-long class or two half-week classes in everything from sign painting to Renaissance illumination.

I had the unparalleled honor of studying flourishing with Pat Blair, who serves as Chief Calligrapher at the White House. The saying goes, “If you can’t flourish, don’t prove it.” With Pat’s expert instruction and a few years of practice, I hope to prove that I can flourish!

As a lettering junkie, I’ve also studied with a number of highly-respected calligraphic artists – Julian Waters, John Stevens, Carl Rohrs, Mike Gold (Art Director at American Greetings), Peter Thornton & his talented wife Sherri, Reggie Ezell, and many more over the past 18 years. Each instructor, whether in a one-day workshop or a year-long intensive study, has contributed at least a nugget of inspiration. I am always anticipating my next “fix!”



Atmosphere. That is what inspires me the most. A fog laden morning, the dark and ominous clouds rolling in before a storm, or mist hovering over a body of water. There is something about the atmosphere that surrounds us, which shrouds everyday life with mystery and electricity. Try laying on your back in a field as a thunder storm rolls in. How can that not be terrifying and inspirational at the same time!?



I am inspired by travel. Traveling to new countries or new cities is always incredibly exciting, and I love exploring new churches, parks, and museums. Every place has its own unique personality that re-energizes the artwork I make.

I hope that I can keep traveling to new (and old) places, and continue being inspired by the artwork I see, the people I meet, and the delicious food I get to eat!